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Video Testimonials

Working with Rod

"(Of) All the directors I’ve worked with, I would put him on my top 3.

I say that because he knows how to bring the best out of you. He knows what to say. He knows people so he knows what everybody needs… He knows how much somebody can give so he’s going to push you to give that much. After working on this project with him, I’m a much better actor."


"Rod Gailes OBC challenges the actor.  He’s a perfectionist, and a deeply devoted artist. The words thrilling, challenging, and provocative come to mind.  Supportive, patient, fraternal also scream out to me. As an artist he is purely committed and serves his artistic vision with accelerated tunnel vision.”



 -Jeremy Alan Richards

 "Jason Robbie" CAMOUFLAGE

#THEY say...

Angela Lewis

Damion Omar Lee

Teddy Ruck-Spin/F.O.K.U.S.

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