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Director:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Screenwriter:  Rod Gailes OBC

Genre:  Dramatic Short


How does a man maintain his personal integrity in the midst of the group? After a live step show salute to Black women, Willis Jones and his line brothers are called to their Dean’s house for a meeting with the Big Brothers that will test their moral fiber, knowledge of self, and their respect for women. 

 urbanworld film festival founder

Hollywood Reporter

Black Fraternities

" An Incredible Film!" -Stacy Spikes 

“I had the pleasure of editing  ‘Camouflage.'

It is a film like no other I have ever seen or worked on before, and I am proud to have been a part of it.” 

-Allyson C. Johnson


Director:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Screenwriter:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Genre:   Mixed Genre Feature


Jason Jamal Robbie is a 19-year old ‘Harlemite’ finding his place in the world a year after graduating high school. With dubious sources of income, family problems, and an obsession with ‘shorties,’ it’s hard to imagine college in his immediate future. In a documentary style narrative peppered with portraits of Jason’s neighbors and friends, audiences are given a ‘Rashomon’-like view of a young man coming to grips with his power to choose a path beyond his current circumstances. Honest and Gritty,  CAMOUFLAGE is a cinematic collage capturing the essence of a very specific time and place in “pre-gentrified” Harlem NYC, pre-Starbucks, international chain department stores, and real-estate boom. Inspiring in its realism, CAMOUFLAGE offers a window into the otherwise private subculture of urban youth. 

The Get Down, HBO's The Wire

Monsoon Wedding

Harlem Gentrification

Director:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Screenwriter:  Rod Gailes OBC

Genre:  Family


Under threat of being separated by summer school, a trip down south,

and a  mean ol' aunt (Grace Garland, of ABC's "All My Children", Juice),

Vonda concocts a scheme to be with her best friend, Boogie, in the

wake of her mother's passing. 











" A beautifully photographed, masterfully directed portrait of childhood. Well done!"

-Spike Lee

"Rod Gailes OBC is a spirited filmmaker with tremendous breakout potential. He is definitely one to watch.  

 -John Singleton

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

 -Reginald Hudlin

NYU Film School
American Black Film Festival

"Rare. Real. Authentic. I loved everything about every frame. "

HBO Short Film

Director:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Screenwriter:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Genre:  Drama (Mature Audiences)


Fresh from the hoosegow, a virile, young ex-con returns home with
newfound sexual habits that threaten his relationships and the health
of the women he loves. "Playdate" is the flagship film in Phase One of 
the HIV Testing Advocacy Initiative Executive Produced by Rod Gailes OBC
for the League of Awareness, an underground film collective charged
with elevating community response to societal concerns.  Other titles
include "Fool Proof", "Virgins", and Michelle Wilson's "HOT, Hot,

Open Relationship

EYE was a guest of the Hôtel des Mille Collines  in Kigali when EYE wrote the script 4 “Earl.” The East African hotel was made famous after being the site that sheltered over a thousand souls from the Rwandan genocide a few years B4 my visit. It felt haunted by the events of the past, and that spirit informed the feeling of the film. That tens of thousands of people have watched the film online, at festivals, and N screenings renewed my good feeling about the power of the digital revolution and its ability 2 spark cultural conversation.


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