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Dominique Morisseau

"Rod Gailes is one of the most tenacious and audacious artists I've ever worked with. His language as a writer often lands on my tongue like a savory piece of sweet with a fun touch of salt.”

Dominique Morisseau


John Singleton

"Rod Gailes OBC is a spirited filmmaker with tremendous breakout potential. He is definitely one to watch." 

John Singleton


Boyz N the Hood,

Poetic Justice, Rosewood

Detroit '67

“Rod Gailes always finds a way to artistically scare the crap out of me, and in doing so, leads me to creative peaks I could never have imagined. He is a visionary ahead of his time.”

Michelle Wilson


Detroit '67, SWEAT


“I have worked with Rod on several music and film projects. Here is what I have experienced. Peerless preparation, judicious attention to detail, practical execution of original artistry, and genuine heart. In a word, his work is phenomenal.” 

Robert Schaffer


Random Poet, LLC

The Graduates

"I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Rod for over 10 years.  He's truly one of the most brilliant and gifted directors I've ever worked with.  Working with him was a Master Class for me in producing and I'm forever grateful for the experience."

Randolph Sturrup


Eclipsed, A Streetcar Named Desire, Harlem Heights, The Graduates

2nd Stage Theater
Lion King Jr.

“Rod is definitely the most no-nonsense director I've worked with. He asks incisive questions, demands thoughtful answers, and takes no shit.”

Chisa Hutchison


Somebody's Daughter, Dead and Breathing 

Jason Herbert


"Rod's work as a director and overall artistic talent shines in everything he touches. His work with Disney Theatricals and Lion King Jr. is inspiring young children all over the world; and I was honored to be apart of that experience with who I consider the best of the best in the business. You're in for a treat and a wonderful experience if you're blessed enough to work with Rod OBC.”

FELA, Invisible Thread,

The Lion King Jr. , The Wiz

NYU Grad Film

“With a style and verve all his own, Rod gleefully charges the boundaries of sexuality, family, and race that Society artificially erects to keep itself safe, and fearlessly navigates the minefields of propriety in the process of making a 'Rod Gailes OBC Film.' Something will offend you, something will challenge you, and something will amaze you if you are willing to go for the ride.”​

James Francis Richards


The Bicycle, 6 Things I Never Told You


Richard Pryor

“The word that comes to mind is brilliant. He has a wonderful ability to allow and help those around him to find their voice.  He encourages and demands that you be the best you can be and its always about the work.  His voice is clear, focused and uncompromising. He is a beast!!!!”

James Murray Jackson, Jr.

-ACTOR/Producer /Playwright


Christmas Wedding Baby

“From 'Twin Cousins' to now, Rod has always been on the forefront of the independent Black film movement. I would dare say that he is the creator of a film movement all his own. I am always pleased to hear about his next venture, be it a theatrical play, educating young filmmakers or twisting people's minds with his imagery.”

Ralph Scott

-Producer/Director/Film Promoter

Christmas Wedding Baby,

Barbasol, B.E.T. J's The Best Shorts

Beyoncé choreographer "The Mrs. Carter Tour"

“One of the most visceral memories

I have as an artist is working with

Rod Gailes. Preparations for his film 'pharaoh jones' were thorough and intense. I was in awe of his passion and attention to every detail. We were all better artists after working with Rod.”


Alvin Ailey , Savion Glover, Invisible Thread


The Get Down, Power, VH1 The Breaks

“Rod Gailes is truly a creative soul. He understands editing and how it can change a scene, a moment, and, ultimately, the film itself; and he uses it to its fullest. I had the pleasure of editing his film ‘Camouflage.’ It is a film like no other I have ever seen or worked on before, and I am proud to have been a part of it.”

Allyson C. Johnson


VH1's The Breaks,

The Get Down, HBO's The Wire

Vanity Fair, Monsoon Wedding, The Namesake


“Rod Gailes is hands down one of my favorite directors to work with. He translates what he's looking for into an actor's language smoothly. If you get a script from Rod in your inbox consider it a gift box.”

Stephen Hill


HBO's Lews & Clark,  

Marvel's Luke Cage, Blue Bloods,

Christmas Wedding Baby

Fenty Puma

“Rod Gailes OBC is part of my top 5 directors I prefer to work with. Whenever Mr. Gailes presents me with a script for his next project, I immediately say ‘yes’ on the spot. There's no need to read it, because it's always excellent. He's constantly elevating his creativity along with the art of cinema. He's doing things no one else in film is doing! He's telling stories no one has thought to tell and shooting angles that will later be named in his honor. His films stay with you in a memorable way. They draw you in and make you think about what you just saw and felt!”

Twin Cousins, pharaoh jones,

Soft Focus, Knuckles, Blue Butterflies

Proclamation Punctuation

Fine art

" I have had the pleasure of working with Rod as an actor/artist for more than 10 years. He has often presented me with roles and challenges that have forced me to face the most personal parts of myself as an actor and artist.” 

Rich Carroll

- ACTOR/ Artist

An American in Hollywood, Vampiyaz,

Earl's Post Prison Playdate, REVERSE COWGIRL

John Singleton

“I'm tempted to say that Roderick  Gailes OBC is as much to credit (or blame) for my artistry as I am for my own. At a time where I felt as much a misfit as I'm sure he felt himself, I took refuge in our fellowships and artistic riffs. THIS is how prominently he figured in the nascent stage of what I would develop and share for years to come. His meditative insights, sensitivity, brotherhood and just flat out brilliance, from thought and feeling to stage and screen, is the stuff that I find sorely lacking in most artistry today. I can only pray that we are blessed with more of his ilk.”

kA'Ramuu Kush


And Then.., Salvation Road

As the FREAK Takes You


“Roderick Gailes is one of a select few Writer/Directors that an Actress dreams of working with, in this Business- of- Show! Rod rarely holds auditions, because he TRUSTS his instincts! When YOU  are given the "gift" of portraying one of his characters, you feel his trust, and know that you are "safe" to unwrap the unique creativity that he knows is YOU!”

Juice, All My Children,

Lonliness Makes You Stupid, Twin Cousins

Harvard Grad Acting

“Working with Rod on my first play, “Cake," was like a crash course in professionalism. He came in with a detailed execution plan and supported the ship through to the very end. He encouraged me to be brave and trust the strength and uniqueness of my voice for his very own energy is also like no other. He leads by example. He was more than a director for the piece, he was the mentor I didn't know I needed. I'm forever grateful.”

Shawn Nabors


CAKE, The Adventures of Nat Turn-Up

Tap House

“Rod Gailes OBC is an artist who finds joy in storytelling through true creative 

collaboration. He guides actors through a process that takes them full circle; from self-discovery through exploration of the work to fully embodying the work. His work, both for the stage and screen, rings true. It is both disarming and delightful.”

Torya Beard

-Choreographer/PR Maven/Educator

The Lion King, That Girl 006,

Original Tap House, A Broader Way


"As a filmmaker, Rod fully trusts his actors' process and choices. He intuitively knows how to get the best performances via character explorations which inspire passionate performances and risk taking. In addition, Rod creates a secure work environment that is  safe, open, and a compassionate space for honest and beautiful storytelling.”

Pariah, Annie, HBO's The Duece,

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

Reverse Cowgirl
FX Snowfall

"Rod is meticulous in his approach to storytelling that surprises and jolts you out of the expectations you didn't even know you had. He revels in laying the groundwork for actors to peel back layers of self and really give it their all."

LUKE CAGE, The Blacklist, 


Angela Lewis


FX's SNOWFALL, The Last Ship


“Imagine reading a script where the page edges all have thorns - you have to pay attention as you navigate through the story. The words on the page are gooey. And you're nervous that the page will tear as you turn; but it never does. Inevitably, you get some on your fingers, and you're compelled to taste. And sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's bitter, and sometimes you don't know What that is; but it's somehow always delicious. Now imagine stepping into that goo and surrendering to the deliciousness while simultaneously finding your way around the thorns. It's a thrill you never want to end.”

Generation X

"He is known for and has mastered his ability to capture the DETAILS !! Having collaborated with Rod Gailes I know first hand that you leave the experience a better artist ." 

Kelly Peters

-Choreographer/Creative Director


"His storytelling and vision are as unique as is he.  I was honored when he asked me to be in the cast of 'Reverse Cowgirl.'  The character he created and his directorial style allowed me to take risks and to explore another side of human nature.  I always get excited when I hear Rod Gailes is attached to a project.  I know it will be thorough and thought provoking.”


REVERSE COWGIRL, 6 Things I Never Told You

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