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Director:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Screenwriter:  Rod Gailes OBC

Genre:  Dramatic Short


"Clean heart, clean mind, clean deed." "Soft Focus" is a portrait of "Marcus", a repressed college student with a choice to make: continue with the curious boyhood obligations imposed by his religiously zealous mother or escape into a colorful world of adult choices and consequences. Partnered with his good friend "Niece," he chooses the latter, diving headlong into a night of carnal adventure complete with balloons, birthday cake, and "Kunta," another young traveler on the road to self discovery. Can Marcus untie the ritual apron strings of his religiously strident home life to pursue his own version of manhood?


Selected as the 2nd Shadow And Act Filmmaker Challenge Winner, the film stars Damion Omar Lee, Angela Lewis, Madeleine Dauzart, and introduces Aaron Clifton Moten (Broadway's "A Streetcar Named Desire, Pulitzer Prize winning "The Flick") as "Kunta." 

(Movie Music Soundtrack)

   - Tambay A. Obenson

            Shadow And Act

Gay teens

"It presents a rare look at familial relationships, sexuality, and sexual identity, and will likely push a few buttons… It’s the kind of work that challenges the homogeneity that I think is really killing cinema right now – especially here in the USA. We need to see more stories like these told, especially from an Afrocentric POV."  

Director:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Screenwriter:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Genre:  Romantic Drama


High end art dealer, "Diana," rediscovers  herself and her marriage while navigating torrid extra-marital affairs with "Vincent," an aspiring fine art painter, and "Bambi," her former college roommate.

Michelle Wilson ("Detroit ’67," Lynn Nottage’s “Sweat”) is a vibrant actor with an amazing emotional accessibility. Reverse Cowgirl was born from my desire 2C laid bare on film a complex character with some of the darker aromatic nuances she’s capable of. She delivered N spades! Richard Carroll had done such a fantastic job N Earl’s Post Prison Playdate that EYE knew he’d B the perfect foil 4 Michelle’s “DIANA.” #THEY R an electric onscreen duo!



Director:  Rod Gailes OBC 

Screenwriter:  Perry Lee Williams

Genre:  Drama


Winner of the prestigious Award of Merit at The Indie Fest, BLUE BUTTERFLIES features controversial American Pop figure, actress & sex symbol, Stacey Dash in the pensive role of "Faith," a woman on the cusp of serious decisions in the midst of an oceanside conversation with with a flirtatious stranger. 


Stacey Dash has had the crown of most disliked “Black American” squarely placed on her head and seems defiantly nonplussed about it. “Blue Butterflies” was shot just B4 Miss Dash began her run of controversial TV appearances as a conservative Republican. On set, she proved 2B a challenging collaborator as many had confirmed. But once EYE was alone 2 direct her N the most emotionally sensitive scenes of the film, she came alive and delivered. Not sure folks can imagine the kinds of indignities she has had 2 endure over the years as a woman as physically attractive as she is. If U can get past the hurt of some of that armor, there’s a really sensitive actor under there. EYE hope she takes the risk at showing us more of that instrument.


"Watching Rod work to construct our vision was an inspiring learning experience. His patience and willingness to try to satisfy all interested parties is a true strength of his and I look forward to working with him again.”

-Perry Lee Williams 


Director:  Rod Gailes OBC

Screenwriter:  Perry Lee Williams

Genre: Psychological Drama


"Darren", a washed up prize fighter, struggles to maintain his sanity as he prepares "Taaj," a young prodigy, for a title bout. Can he overcome his inner demons and prepare his protege to face the champion within himself?"

Boxing Film
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